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You pack your bags and study an itinerary. All the rest is adventure, discovery, experience.

And then it becomes memory, truer and more vivid because it is lived with all five senses, in the first person, together with others - often strangers - who will become new friends.


In Larp, participants play the characters in a story, physically dressing up as if they were the protagonists in a film or TV series.

They choose their role, pursue the objectives, live the dramas and keep the secrets, sharing the experience with the other participants. You don't need an acting background, you don't need experience in Larp, what matters is to be willing to get involved and to involve the other participants.

LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. In fact, LARP is an activity similar to improvisational theater, but without an audience or a stage that defines the area for the scene. It takes place mostly in places that, also thanks to the use of scenic settings, evoke the atmosphere provided by the scenario conceived by the authors. So if the story is set in a castle, in the best case scenario the location will be a real castle.


Taking part in a LARP event means to interpret in a free and autonomous way one's own character, savoring the plots and the story that the scriptwriters have prepared for the participants. It means dialoguing, acting and thinking by completely stepping into the shoes of your alter ego, living every moment and being carried away by his feelings and his way of being.


Eryados invites participants to buy a ticket to an imaginary,

but no less real, place.

Participants contribute chorally to the storytelling orchestrated by the authors with their own choices, transforming the larp into a true collective work of art. There is no "winner," the only loser is whoever puts the competition before a good performance or a good scene. It is an engaging and memorable activity that pushes participants to interaction, to deepening and curiosity, to solidarity and collaboration. It's a fun and unique activity that you won't forget.


Every aspect of the experience is taken care of with dedication, passion and professionalism by a staff of experienced organizers committed to ensuring the highest quality of each staging.


Larp is progressively gaining academic recognition that identifies it as an innovative and multidisciplinary expressive art. It is also increasingly used as an educational and training tool, especially in the corporate environment.

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